Looking to advertise on as many platforms as possible? Media Savvy is here to help. We provide media buying Dallas services to companies big and small. Our goal is to come up with an effective marketing strategy that works within your goals and budget. We have decades of experience in the industry. During this time, we’ve had the pleasure of working with media partners from several different fields. This allowed us to create great professional relationships that you can take advantage of during your next marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking to advertise through new digital platforms or prefer a more traditional approach, our team at Media Savvy can make it happen.

These days, traditional and digital media is expansive. People are no longer tied down to a handful of television channels or local radio stations. The Internet has made it possible for people to view content regardless of where they’re located. As a result, companies have to be more strategic about their advertising efforts. To get the best return on your investment, you need to make sure that your ads are shown to the right people.

Media Savvy is also one of the most trusted providers of media planning services in the Dallas area. We can take care of all the hard work for you and do everything we can to help you see the best results possible during your next marketing campaign.

The Planning Process

So, what exactly is media planning? Well, planning is one of the most important steps of the process. It ensures that your marketing materials are being pushed to the right people on the right avenues.

At Media Savvy, we take on a very methodical approach during the planning phase. Our goal is to provide you with measurable results. To do that, we perform in-depth research about your business and the market you’re targeting.

Internal Research and Planning

The first thing we’ll do is work closely with you and your team. We know that you have spent years building your target audience and gathering information about the demographic your company caters to. Your team knows your market better than anyone else, so we will collaborate to go over the details of the campaign.

We want to see you succeed, so we’ll collaborate with you to ensure that all of our bases are covered. We’ll discuss who your audience is and go over the objectives of the campaign. If you have any personal marketing preferences or creative ideas, we want to hear them. After all, your media campaign reflects your business. So, we want you to be comfortable with how your advertisements are being portrayed and what avenues we’re using to reach your audience.

After we have gone over the parameters of the campaign, we’ll talk about the overall budget and implementation. Advertising on popular media outlets comes at a pretty penny. While we do our best to keep costs as low as possible. We want you to have the highest return on your investment, so we’ll take your budget into account when planning your campaign.

Sometimes, the best technique is to create a complex media mix. The media mix refers to a combination of channels and digital media platforms that you plan to work with to meet your objectives. While you could certainly stick to one avenue for your campaign, this can limit your overall reach and affect the final marketing budget. By spreading your campaign across many different avenues, there’s a greater chance that you’ll make a conversion. Plus, we can plan a healthy mix of affordable and premium media channels to stretch your budget to its max.

External Research

At this point, we’ll get to work doing external media planning research. Marketing is all about connecting with people and providing them with the things they’re after. This involves a deep understanding of who you are trying to advertise to. Our research goes beyond basic demographic information. We want to know every nuance of your target audience.

This can include everything from the types of music they enjoy to the fashion they wear. Even if your company’s products or services have nothing to do with lifestyle or appearance, this data can prove to be very useful when you’re planning a new marketing campaign. For example, young adults aren’t going to have as big of a response to minimal ads with classical music than they would with trendy content filled with chart-toppers. All of this information can be used to create advertisements that speak to your audience on a deeper level.

The most important part of our research will include the types of advertising your target demographic responds to and where they are being exposed to it. Remember, the goal of any marketing campaign is to reach people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. By understanding the habits and preferences of your market, we can come up with a marketing and media buying plan that works.

Finally, we’ll also take a look at the competition and current trends. If your biggest competitors are marketing comparable products or services, we can use marketing data to see what works and what doesn’t. This information can also help you avoid any potential conflicts of interest or creating accidental similarities in your campaigns. When it comes to current trends, we can analyze what people think is popular and relevant today. That way, you can appeal to a much broader audience than you normally would.

At Media Savvy, your satisfaction and success are our top priorities. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to every project. Our team won’t adopt media marketing techniques just because they were successful for another company. Instead, we’ll do the research to understand your target demo on a deeper level and use our findings to develop a custom plan that works for you.

Media Buying

Media Savvy doesn’t just plan your next campaign. We’ll also take the steps to communicate with media partners and turn your ideas into reality. We’re one of the most experienced media buyers Dallas has to offer. Our many years in the business give us the upper hand when it comes to developing deals and providing you with cost-effective advertising options.

We have worked with a wide range of media partners throughout our may years in this industry. So, we know how to find the right partners for your particular needs. Nowadays, many media firms rely solely on automation and digital communication to send our RFPs. Media Savvy goes above and beyond to get you the best deal possible. Remember, we have spent years fostering a working relationship with a wide range of different media partners. As an established media buyer Dallas companies can trust, we can communicate with the right partners to make the most impact on your audience. Whether you’re advertising locally within the Dallas area or want to reach a much wider audience throughout the world, Media Savvy has the connections to make it happen.

The Buying Process

Media buying is no easy task. Both digital and traditional media channels have limited advertising space. Yet, there’s no shortage of companies wanting to get their advertisements seen. This results in high advertising costs and intense negotiations. Having an experienced media buying Dallas firm at your side can make the process as smooth as possible.

We’ll take care of every part of your inventory purchase as possible. Our team can create requests for proposal, or RFPs to generate interest with the desired media outlets. We’ll then negotiate rates that stay within your advertising budget.

Negotiating is an art form all in its own. Buying ad space is not cheap and many partners will raise prices to increase their profits. It’s very easy to overpay for ad space, especially if you work with an inexperienced media buyer Dallas firm. Luckily, Media Savvy understands the business inside and out and will work hard to pay a fair price that improves your return on your investment.

This is when our comprehensive research comes into play. During the research phase, we look at individual media channels and scrutinize several factors to determine how effective they will be for your marketing objectives. This includes the amount of traffic the partner gets and how much exposure they can provide. We use this information and several other points of data we collect when we’re making bids. That way, we can create realistic proposals that are fair and not overpriced.

Continual Support and Optimization

Once your campaign starts, our work doesn’t stop. Despite all of the research we do, there’s no way to know if marketing plans will play out. Market trends change all of the time. The same goes for the reputation and viewership of the media outlets you’re working with. Truth is, there are way too many factors involved to know for sure that a multimedia marketing plan will pay off for you.

That doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and watch your advertising dollars go down the drain. The best media buying Dallas firms will offer continued support well into the campaign cycle. At Media Savvy, we use several tools to monitor the success of a marketing campaign. Like everything else we do, research and data are at the foundation of our monitoring efforts. We want to see how people are responding to advertisements and use the raw numbers to get a better idea of how things are going.

If we don’t like what we see, we’ll take the steps to implement positive changes to the campaign. This may involve changing advertising time-slots, switching media partners, and much more. Whatever the case may be, we strive to make your campaign as successful as possible. In the event that things aren’t going the way that they should, we will address those issues at the source to ensure that your bottom line is protected.

Even if things are going smoothly, we may modify the marketing plan a bit to make things even better. Our job is to optimize the campaign to the best of our ability. We go above and beyond to accomplish this. Our expertise in the field allows us to identify small changes that could make the biggest difference in response and overall effectiveness.

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