There are over four million miles of roads sprawling across the United States. Since the advent of automobiles, companies have been using daily road traffic to get more exposure and reach their target audience. While digital marketing techniques are at the forefront of modern advertising, outdoor billboards are still effective and can provide you with measurable results very efficiently.

There’s no better time to expose your brand, product, or service to potential customers than when they’re behind the wheel. It’s when people are most aware of their surroundings. Even a quick drive by a strategically designed billboard is enough to create more brand awareness. If potential audience sees your billboard on a daily basis during their commute, the chances of making a conversion are even greater.

Media Savvy is an established marketing firm that offers outdoor billboard planning and placement services to businesses in Dallas, TX. We understand the intricacies of outdoor advertising and will use our knowledge to create a strategic marketing plan that will provide you with the results you are seeking. Billboard advertising involves much more than just placing ads on as many locations as possible. To maximize your impact with your target demographic, you need assistance from a firm like Media Savvy to put your ads in front of the right people.

Types of Outdoor Billboards

While the principles behind outdoor ads have not changed, the technology making it possible certainly has. There are a few types of billboards available. Our team at Media Savvy can help you determine which boards are right for your needs and budget.

The most basic type of billboard available is static. These boards utilize printed materials to create a massive advertisement that reaches drivers from great distances. Typically, static billboards measure 14 feet tall by 48 feet wide. Depending on the board’s location, it may also have built-in lighting to improve visibility at night.

To appeal to more modern audiences, digital billboards are also available. Sizes can vary dramatically. However, the great thing about a digital board is that you have greater design options at your disposal. Animated elements and short videos can be used to stand out from the crowd. Plus, digital boards are often used in high-traffic areas where there is a larger demand for outdoor advertising. Media Savvy can even find advertising opportunities on digital billboards placed around high-traffic pedestrian areas, such as shopping centers, tourist areas, and more.

Bridging the gap between static and digital is a trivision board. These unique billboards are broken up into several turning columns. On each side of a column is a different advertisement. After a predetermined amount of time, the columns will rotate to change the advertisement that people see. Like digital billboards, trivision boards are often placed in areas that get significant traffic exposure. Numerous studies have shown that the movement of trivision boards makes them more attention-grabbing and memorable than static boards.

Each side of the board can be used by different companies. Though, you can also invest in more advertising space on a single board. Doing so is a great way to offer variety in your messages. The outdoor billboard planning and placement service team at Media Savvy will help you determine which course of action is best for your company.

Creating a Marketing Strategy

At Media Savvy, we don’t want you to spend your advertising budget on avenues that aren’t effective. We care about your success and want you to get the biggest return on your investment possible. Whether you’re looking to advertise a specific audience, or you want to increase awareness for your company as-a-whole, proper planning is key to any billboard campaign.

Outdoor advertising has its own complexities to deal with. With digital advertising, it’s easy to gather information about what your target audience is interested in and what they’re looking at. With billboards, things get a bit trickier. Public roads are accessible to anyone. Thus, your ad will be exposed to a large part of the general population.

Here at Media Savvy, we pride ourselves on our methodical approach to marketing campaigns. We go above and beyond when it comes to market research. Before we start placing ads, we will go over the details of your campaign. We’ll talk about who your target demographic is, what you want your campaign to say, and much more. At the end of the day, billboards are going to represent your company. So, we’ll consult with you through every step of the process to get things just right.

Then, we’ll perform our own external market research to get a better understanding of your demographic. We examine market trends to see how those potential customers respond to billboard advertising and figure out a plan of action to maximize exposure. At that point, our efforts will focus on billboard locations.

The great thing about outdoor billboards is that your marketing efforts can be as localized as you need. For example, if your product or service caters to customers in a specific geographical location, your budget would go farther if you place ads in that city. Even if you aren’t trying to focus on one particular niche market, billboards along popular highways and freeways can let drivers know who you are, what your company is about, and where you are located.

Our research involves looking at traffic figures. We want your ad to be seen by as many people as possible. So, we’ll analyze traffic statistics to find the best advertising space for your needs. Of course, our team will also consider your target demographic in the process. Small details, such as the types of locations around the billboard, can make all the difference. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to place an outdoor advertisement for industrial equipment in a town’s residential center. Our planning services can help you avoid common advertising mistakes. We’re committed to coming up with a course of action that’s practical, effective, and cost-efficient.

Placing Ads for Maximum Impact

Media Savvy does more than just strategize. We can also initiate the buying process to implement your ads on as many billboards as you want. Our team has over two decades of experience in the advertising world. During this time, we have been able to foster great business relationships with marketing partners. We use those relationships to help you reach your marketing goals.

Our team will take care of every step of the process. We’ll gather pricing information and negotiate rates that fit within your budget. While Media Savvy is a Dallas-based marketing firm, we can work with outside markets to ensure that your needs are being met.

Seeing Continued Success

Media Savvy has you covered. With all of our outdoor billboard campaigns, monitoring is included with your fee. We will keep an eye out on the billboard and review it impacts regularly. Our job doesn’t stop just because your ads are up. If there are opportunities for improvement, we can make those changes to ensure that your billboards are as impactful as possible.

In addition to basic billboard planning and placement services, we can also create an effective rotary program. Rotary programs are a great way for companies to reach a much wider audience without having to spend a fortune on multiple billboards. Essentially, we can arrange your billboards to move from one fixed location to another.

During the planning phase, our team will determine how much time your ads need to stay at one spot to make the most impact. Then, we’ll find several other advertising spots that are capable of reaching your target demographic. After implementation, the team at Media Savvy will make sure that rotations go off without a hitch.

It doesn’t matter whether you advertise on several billboards throughout the city or invest in a rotary program, we’ll continue to monitor your marketing plan and make any necessary changes to ensure that you experience continued success.

Outdoor Billboard Planning and Placement Services from Media Savvy

Don’t let the importance of digital advertising prevent you from using traditional marketing techniques. Billboard advertising has been successful since the beginning of automobile transportation. Thanks to new advancements in technology, outdoor advertising isn’t going anywhere. If anything, the future holds more opportunities for companies to advertise in the real world.

Media Savvy is one of the most trusted marketing firms in the Dallas area. We would be honored to take on your next project. Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction. We use our expertise in the field to execute a flawless billboard campaign that your business can benefit from. Whether you’re marketing to a huge part of the general population or a small niche audience, we will do all that we can to make sure that your company gets seen. Contact Media Savvy today for all of your outdoor billboard and placement needs in Dallas, TX today.