The Internet might have changed the way that people consume media, but that doesn’t mean that television advertising is dead. In fact, it’s still one of the most popular advertising methods for companies wanting to reach a large audience. Media Savvy is a Dallas-based marketing agency that offers television planning and placement services.

We work with Dallas companies of all sizes to increase exposure by implementing the most impactful television marketing plans available. Our team has a lot to offer our clients. Not only do we have decades of experience providing marketing services, but we also have great relationships with local and national media partners. No matter how you choose to advertise your company’s products or services, Media Savvy can help to make your vision a reality.

The Changing Television Landscape

Throughout the last decade, many people believed that traditional television stations, basic cable, and satellite subscriptions were going to end up as obsolete as VCRs and Betamax. While a lot has changed in the past few years in terms of how people choose to watch TV, networks are not going anywhere. People still enjoy sitting down in front of their television and watching their favorite programs. According to reports from Nielsen, Americans spend about five hours a day watching television. Obviously, there’s a lot of factors that can affect this average. However, it’s safe to say that there’s still plenty of people watching television and plenty of opportunities to advertise.

With all that being said, the way that companies and advertising firms place TV ads these days has changed a lot. That’s because people watching television much differently than they did in the past.

For one, several advanced television features let people manipulate live television without the need to record anything. DVR systems make it possible for you to skip right through commercials, essentially eliminating a lot of advertising opportunities for companies.

Also, many people are making the switch from traditional cable or satellite to streaming platforms. Big-name streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have revolutionized the way that we view television shows. With these streaming platforms, there are no commercials. The companies do offer some ways for businesses to advertise, but they tend to be limited.

Even huge networks are getting in on the streaming game. You can find dedicated streaming apps for nearly all popular television networks today. These apps let you watch shows on demand. Luckily, they still offer space for advertisers to get their message through to target audiences.

Truth is, the way that people watch TV is not the same as it was twenty years ago. To make matters even more confusing, new innovations are popping up all the time that threatens to change viewership even further. At Media Savvy, we understand how these changes have affected television advertising. Instead of leaning on the past, we learn as much as we can about changes as they happen so that we can be proactive and successful for our clients.

The Importance of Proper TV Planning

Television planning services from a reputable agency like Media Savvy are very important. Contrary to popular belief, the television industry is very complex and business oriented. Getting a commercial advertisement on local or nationwide television isn’t easy. It takes a lot of industry knowledge to get it done right. If you start a campaign blind, you run the risk of getting taken advantage of and wasting your advertising dollars.

Media Savvy has the necessary experience to make the process as stress-free as possible. We have working relationships with several media partners. These are relationships we developed throughout 20 years in the marketing industry. We know how individual outlets work, what demographic they cater to, and much more. This information can prove to be useful as you’re getting ready to launch a campaign that could ultimately improve your bottom line.

When it comes to effectiveness, TV planning services are essential. The key to any marketing campaign is to put your ads in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in what your company has to offer. Whether you’re selling clothing items targeted towards young adults or professional accounting services geared to seniors, you need to make sure that your ads are exposed to the individuals who will find your company most appealing.

The television landscape is quite vast. There’s something to fit anyone’s needs and tastes. While this is great for consumers, it can be difficult for advertising professionals. With all those channels and television shows available, you need to make sure that your ads are being played on the right network at the right time. An experienced firm like Media Savvy can give you all the information you need to place your ads strategically.

How Television Planning Works

Planning is one of the most involved parts of launching a television advertisement campaign. That’s because skilled planners will consider every facet of the campaign to ensure that the media partners you work with provide the best results.

First, we start with a lengthy discussion about the goals of the campaign. Is it to advertise a special sale or to simply increase brand awareness? Does it need to run during a specific time of year, or can we air it throughout the year? These small details can make a noticeable difference in how much you will end up spending on the placement and how often the spot is airs. At Media Savvy, we’re committed to your satisfaction. We want you to have a campaign that you believe in, so we take our time to understand your needs fully.

During this time, we’ll also talk about your target demographic. Chances are, you know your audience quite well and have already gathered some important data about them. We can discuss how you want to approach the campaign, who you’re catering to, and what type of message you want to deliver. Then, we’ll go over your budget and time constraints to ensure that we launch your campaign in a timely manner.

Our team at Media Savvy will then dig deeper to find out everything they can about your target demographic. Effective advertising is all about engaging your unique niche market. Sure, some companies can benefit from campaigns that cater to everyone who watches television. However, the vast majority of businesses don’t need to do this. Smaller target audiences allow you to save money on your overall advertising costs while crafting marketing content that speaks to them on a more personal level.

During our external research phase, we’ll take a look at current trends within the community, see what kinds of channels they watch, and how they choose to view their favorite shows. All of this outside research can make a huge difference when we move onto placement.

Getting Your Commercials Placed

Television planning and placement can get very expensive. Placement is where most of your money will go. You see, there is limited advertising space available. Depending on how many people are viewing a particular show, you could be spending much more than you bargained for. A solid planning agency like Media Savvy will prepare you for the associated costs and look for marketing opportunities that fit within your budget.

We implement numerous techniques to get your ad placed at just the right spot. This includes digital platforms and streaming as well.

In the past, advertisers relied heavily on Nielsen ratings and a cost-per-point pricing model to determine the overall price of advertising on a network and timeslot. However, more and more people are using DVR or streaming apps to watch their shows whenever they want. This has made television placement a bit more complicated to advertising firms. We must now consider the popularity of television shows and how audiences view them.

Media Savvy Television Planning and Placement Services

When you’re ready to start a new television marketing campaign, turn to Media Savvy. We have years of experience placing ads on local networks and larger global platforms. Even though we have been doing this for over 20 years, that hasn’t stopped us from adapting to changes that are going on within the television industry. We’ve faced them head-on and learned how to overcome the unique challenges streaming has presented. For all of your Television media needs contact us now to schedule a consultation for your campaign.