It’s a common misconception that print advertising is dead. Even with the rise of social media and digital marketing, print advertising is still very important. In fact, printed media often holds the same value as digital content. For companies big and small, traditional advertising is a great way to diversify your efforts and provide potential customers with a tangible piece of marketing.

Media Savvy is a marketing firm that offers print advertising for Dallas, TX that companies can trust. We got our start in the traditional marketing world. While we have evolved quite a bit to move with the changing digital landscape, printed advertisements are still an important part of our service offerings.

When you come to us for assistance, you can rest easy knowing that we’re committed to delivering great results. Our team will work diligently to come up with print campaigns that are effective. Thanks to our relationships with partners and collaborators, we’re able to stretch your advertising budget and improve your bottom line.

Why Print Advertising is Still Important

Don’t let the prevalence of digital media fool you into thinking that print advertising is old news. Here are just a few benefits that this type of marketing has to offer

More Credibility

In today’s digital world, printed media is becoming quite rare. As a result, it’s often viewed as more credible. You see, digital marketing efforts are completely scalable. You can pump out a huge campaign in only a few minutes. Digital campaigns are more cost-effective, so you can also get lost in the crowd. Not only that, but many people gloss over digital ads without giving them a second thought. On the other hand, printed promotions are tangible. They’re harder to ignore. Thus, promotional items tend to be more captivating and are taken seriously. This helps to improve your credibility in the eyes of customers.

Better Retention

When it comes to making a strong first impression, nothing compares to printed advertisements. As we mentioned earlier, digital promotions are a dime a dozen. They are so prevalent that many Internet users have learned to look at them without actually absorbing any information. This is especially true if the digital ad is bland and generic.

With printed advertising, there’s a greater chance of retention. Whether you choose to print brochures or take up an ad in a popular publication, the physical touch allows people to take more information in.

Enhanced Flexibility

Finally, this form of marketing offers greater flexibility. With digital ads, your reach is limited to those who actively use a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Sure, you have a greater reach with digital marketing. But, the types of advertisements you can make are limited.

Printed products come in several different forms. You can create brochures, flyers, or business cards to make an impact. Our team at Media Savvy can even experiment with unique materials and shapes to make your advertisements really stand out.

Types of Print Advertising

If you’re looking for the best print advertising Dallas, TX has to offer, Media Savvy has you covered. Our experience in this field opens up a world of opportunities that you can take advantage of. We have a great team of artists and marketing professionals that will turn your ideas into reality. Here are some ways that you can implement print advertisements in your next marketing campaign.

Ad Layouts – Magazines & Newspaper

One of the oldest forms of marketing is placing ads in newspapers and magazines. Printed publications are still very popular. Take one look at your local newspaper stand or bookstore and you’ll find several shelves filled with periodical publications.

Media Savvy has great relationships with many media partners. This includes publishers. We can set up advertising deals and place your promotions in front of the right readers. Before the design phase, we’ll go over the finer details of your campaign. Our team will work with you to create a visually stunning layout that captivates audiences and delivers your intended message.

We know how important it is for you to have an effective ad. Not only does it affect the success of the campaign, but your ad reflects your brand and company. Our team takes layout and design very seriously. We use trusted marketing techniques and design principles to ensure that the finished product has the most impact possible.

In addition to creating your ad, we’ll also do some market research. You can find publications for just about every niche market imaginable. To get the best results possible, we will work hard to place your ads in publications that your target demographic actually reads. Our market research will show up what magazines or newspapers are best. Plus, we’ll be able to find out what your competitors are doing and how your audience reacts to certain designs. All of this information is used to help us create an impactful ad layout you’ll be proud to show off.

Brochures & Flyers

If you’re looking to provide potential clients with some take-home materials, brochures and flyers are the way to go. You can send the printed media directly to customers, hand them out at events, or post them in popular locations. The possibilities are endless.

The great thing about creating your own brochures and flyers is that you have ultimate control in how they look. With magazines and newspapers, advertising guidelines may limit the types of content you can publish. That’s not the case with the materials you create from scratch. You’re free to use custom graphics, high-resolution photos, and even distinct treatments like foil or glitter.

Media Savvy will work hard to design brochures and flyers that you’ll love. As always, we consider your brand identity when we’re coming up with designs. These items will affect how people see your company, so we want them to have an accurate reputation of what you can do for customers.

Promotional Items

Who doesn’t love freebies? Print advertising isn’t limited to just paper. Media Savvy can create a range of promotional items that are both beautiful and practical. These products are great for marketing events. Something as simple as a shirt or water bottle with your logo printed on it is enough to make a big impact on potential customers. They’ll love the sentiment and see your logo any time they use the product. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Many companies also use printed items as a way to retain customers or provide fun perks to clients. For example, you could build a gift basket for new clients with printed toys or office supplies. Even your own employees can get in on the fun with an onboarding package filled with custom goodies.

Media Savvy can help you determine a course of action based on your needs. First, we’ll discuss your marketing goals and budget. With this information, we can figure out what kinds of items you can offer. Again, making a big impact is the top priority. So, we’ll come up with fun ideas that are memorable. After that, we’ll get to work coming up with a printable design that complements the item perfectly.

Business Cards

Business cards are, perhaps, one of the most important pieces of printed materials you can invest in. Business cards have been used for centuries by businessmen looking to gain new customers. Even today, they still play an important role in advertising and networking.

Your business cards can include pertinent information about your company. Like brochures, the cards should reflect what your business has to offer. Matching designs and signature logos can make all the difference.

Another important thing to consider is the contact information that’s included. The whole purpose of a business card is to make your information easy to give out. Having a stack of cards on hand ensures that you’re always ready to get new customers without having to write down a single thing.

Media Savvy has plenty of experience designing beautiful business cards. The process is very simple. We even have a collection of templates and premade designs to work with. If you want something a bit more unique, we can do that as well. Modern printers are capable of applying fun finishes to make your cards unique. You don’t have to adopt a traditional rectangle shape either. We can come up with cool designs that will stand out in a sea of normal cards.

Turn to Media Savvy for Your Print Advertising Needs

No matter what kind of printed marketing campaign you want to take on, Media Savvy is here to help you out. Our skilled artists, graphic designers, and marketing professionals are ready to turn your ideas into tangible products.

Media Savvy has been providing print advertising services in Dallas, TX for many years. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we’ll work hard to perfect designs based on your input and guidelines. We can take on projects of any size or scope. Just give us a call to set up your consultation. After that, we’ll take care of the rest.