Looking for a marketing firm that can provide you with creative services? Turn to Media Savvy. We’re an experienced firm that has over 20 years of experience serving companies in Dallas. While our primary service involves digital marketing and media planning, we also have a team of creative professionals that are ready to make your vision a reality.

We have a crew of talented artists that create excellent work. Media Savvy also has creative partners covering a wide range of mediums, allowing us to create content that meets your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple radio ad or a complex commercial that’s going to be shown to a massive audience, we can create a finished product that’s beautiful, professional, and ready for your next campaign.

Custom Creative Work

Our productions services are all about bringing your creative ideas to life. You don’t need to have expensive resources to create a killer television commercial or digital graphic. All you need to do is turn to Media Savvy. We have a collection of professional equipment and team members that are proficient with many industry-leading programs. This results in a finished product that’s ready to be seen.

Every project we work on is treated as a collaborative effort. We want you to get a finished product that you will be proud to show off. To get to that stage, we work closely with you. Our creative team will take the time to understand what it is your after. If you’re not entirely sure of what will work for your needs, don’t fret. We can also workshop ideas until we come up with something that represents your company and message perfectly.

Throughout the production phase, we’ll stay in contact with you as well. As you may or may not know, creating any type of art requires plenty of time and patience. Different interpretations of the briefing may also result in something that you weren’t expecting. To combat any unwanted surprises, you have complete control over how things end up. You’re calling the shots, so you can request changes at any point during the production process. Your satisfaction comes first. After all, this is a product and service that you will be paying for. It’s something that will represent your entire company and may make the difference between a quick glance and a conversion. We want you to be happy with what you’re getting, so rest easy knowing that you will be involved throughout the creative process.

Types of Creative Services We Offer

Thanks to our many years in the marketing world, we have experience creating several types of creative material. Our productions services cover virtually every form of marketing you might want to invest in. Here are just some of the things that we can do for you.

Audio Development

Our audio development services are great for companies looking to invest in radio advertising. While some radio stations offer ad recording services alongside the purchase of a spot, there’s no guarantee in quality. Media Savvy uses the latest audio programs and equipment to produce crisp ads that your audience will remember. We’ll work with your team to write a suitable script that delivers all of the important information that you need to say. Then, we’ll have a voice-over artist record the lines in an echo-free environment. After mixing and mastering, we’ll deliver the ad to the station so that you can start your campaign.

This is a great supplement to our radio campaign planning and placement service. We can take care of the entire radio campaign from initial planning, to recording, to placement.

Also available is our jingle service. Is there any better way to capture the attention of an audience than your own custom jingle? Our songwriters can write and record a jingle that you can use with your radio advertisements, commercials, and any other media you want. The perfect jingle will set your brand apart from the crowd and have potential customers humming along all day long.

Video Content

If visual content is more your thing, our video production service may be for you. Our team at Media Savvy has many years of experience creating video content for local broadcast and online publishing. We can create commercials to advertise your product or service. Our crew can even make fun videos that you can use to liven up your website or get your audience excited on YouTube. Whatever the case may be, we will take care of every step of the process.

We can work with a script or idea you already have. During the production meeting, we’ll collaborate with you to make the finished product the best that it can be. If you don’t have anything prepared, we can also come up with some great ideas. We have a selection of video templates for local commercials and other video content. Just take a look at the templates to see what works for your budget and marketing needs. Alternatively, you can come to for a custom video idea. Either way, you can expect personal service at every turn.

Media Savvy does offer media planning and buying service. When you add video productions services to the mix, our company is capable of taking care of the entire video process. We’ll be there from conception to execution and make sure that your video marketing campaign goes off without a hitch.

Printed Copy and Design

Print advertising still plays an important role in how businesses spread information and get seen. At Media Savvy, we understand the importance of good design in all of your print materials. Whether you want to publish brochures, flyers, custom newsletters, or simple branding that you can use around the office, we have you covered.

As with all of our creative services, our printed designs are all customized for the needs of your business. These products are going to represent your overall brand. Not just in the eyes of potential clients or customers, but also to industry colleagues. So, we take some extra time to get things just right. As always, we treat the creative process as a collaboration between you and the artist. The artist will send over final designs for your approval before moving forward with printing.

Large-Scale Advertisements

Billboards and large signs are a great way to advertise your business to local customers or people who are simply passing through. It’s an old-school marketing method, but it’s still quite effective. Whether you’re planning to rent out a traditional flat billboard or need a digital design for modern advertising board, Media Savvy is Here to help.

The unique thing about billboards is that they’re massive in size. A standard billboard measures 48 feet wide by 14 feet tall. They have to be this big to ensure that drivers can see them clearly as they drive on by. While some think that you can simply blow up an existing graphic to fit onto the large space, that’s not the case. Billboards need to be designed from the ground up. The last thing you want to deal with is blurry text, unclear lines, and shoddy graphics.

At Media Savvy, we have the tools to create large-scale designs. We work hard to make sure that each new billboard design is as vibrant and beautiful as the last.

Corporate Media

Last, but not least, we have corporate media. Corporate videos, training materials, and lecture content provide a professional touch. While many businesses focus on providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing outward appearance, the same should apply for internal affairs as well. Creating professional media allows you to establish a certain decorum in the office. Plus, it makes your company appear more legitimate in the eyes of potential investors, competing businesses, and anyone else who happens to get a peek behind closed doors.

Our training videos are a great tool for showing new employees how things are done around your establishment. Rather than relying on hearsay and confusing verbal instructions, employees can watch produced videos that are made within the environment they’ll be working in. Ultimately, training videos can improve overall safety and provide a boost in efficiency.

When it comes to presentation content, we can create unique corporate branding that will add a sophisticated touch to every boardroom meeting. Customized graphics, distinct logos, and more create a united front across the entire company. They can also make your employees look more professional and prepared at any event they may attend.

Contact the Artists at Media Savvy Today

We here at Media Savvy are proud to be the go-to provider of production services here in Dallas. We’ve created some amazing content for companies big and small. Our team takes every project seriously and works hard to deliver an impressive finished product that you will want to show off to the world. From simple letterheads to high-budget commercials that will be broadcast to millions of people, the artists here at Media Savvy can handle it all. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and learn more about the types of services we offer.